36 Stand in   Baddha Konasana 2Sanjana Aerial Yoga is a style in Itself or can be integrated into any Aerial Yoga Style.

The elements of Vinyasa are important in any Yoga practice. Sanjana enhances and systematizes these elements.

They will automatically be integrated into any style of Yoga & Aerial Yoga.
This holds true for the more dynamic as well as the slower to yin styles.
The art of how to do things and how to progress from one step to the next, is not defined be speed or strength or difficulty level, etc... it is a functional understanding, that brings more effectiveness and depth to any practice.

Therefore Sanjana Trainings come in two primary variations.
1. for normal Yoga teachers : Standalone Teacher Training for those who are new to Aerial Yoga, but already are teaching floor yoga:
- 3 Modules of 4 days each.  72 contact hours training time plus homework.

2. for Aerial Yoga teachers : Sanjana specific further training for any Aerial Yoga teacher. You have to already be a trained Aerial teacher.
- 2 Modules of 4 days each. 48 contact hours training plus homework.  -- this training ideally goes over 9 days, with a break on the 5th day.

After either of these & with a certain level of practice (practice of teaching and self practice) you can join the advanced trainings.

Upcoming Trainings : 
  • Currently no trainings are planned. There are many projects that merit attention and take precedence.
    If you would be interested, feel free to tell Lucas about it. Then it shall be done :)

  • There is time & space for a workshop though !
    Workshops are generally a good way to learn and incorporate many details.
    A comprehensive Teacher Training is more than the self practice. It includes the systematic teaching of Sanjana Aerial Vinyasa Yoga.