DSC 7480 1F Parivrtta Setubandha SarvangasanaThe regular classes are for practicing and beginning Aerial Yogis.

The usual Sanjana builds slowly from warming up and basic elements to the more involved asana. They will give you something to do, a bit of a workout & sweat included, at an easy pace to find a soft focus in a vinyasa style class.
The focus is on practicing, each at her/his level, and maybe trying some new poses on the occasion. There is nothing to achieve, except your enjoyment and awareness of the practice itself, but naturally we learn more every time we do it.

Maybe also read the Begin Aerial Yoga Article.

Regular classes can be attended without prior notice  at Antaratma Yoga Shala Innsbruck.

Please check out the location, timetable, prices,  etc etc there :) .. there is a ton of information to make joining Aerial Yoga classes (and others) simple and easy.