1 Hands in   Easy Dhanurasana 001Sanjana - Aerial Yoga for those who can't live without Vinyasa.

The meaning of Sanjana (among others) is to 'connect'.
The connection in Sanjana Yoga is obviously between the hammock and the body and the ground, as well as between breath and movement, but also between asanas in rhythm, speed, sequence and progressions.

With this focus we clearly identify the elements of how we actually connect to the hammock, and it to us.

Instead of just hanging out or grabbing with strength, we attach ourselves with ease and care, without having to tense up in order to 'hold on'. This allows for a flowing and easy movement style when doing aerial yoga.
The specific movement patterns we use also make us softer and able to move in suptle ways that leave more strenght reserves for the more difficult asana.
We can flow between poses and make simple movements more precise, clear and effective.
More effective movement patterns prepare us to play with the more difficult moves, which suddenly become effortless and easy.
These elements are learned using repetitions within variations, to form habitual patterns that allow a fast learning curve into aerial yoga and quickly transform the use of the hammock into second nature.
From there is is easy and fun to can play with advanced and challenging asanas, with a clarity of movement and feeling of safety because of the familiarity with the basic elements.

Sanjana Aerial Yoga uses distinct Sun Salutations to warm up and brings those into connecting vinyasas during practice. At present there are 3 sun salutations.