So. You think that Aerial Yoga is easy because the weight is held by the hammock.

Think again ...

DSC 7675 2H Urdhva BhujangasanaAerial Yoga has often been advertised as a much less strenuous form of yoga.
The pictures in ads look always serene and easy to achieve. Sure it is easy to let the hammock carry your weight and let your body hang upside down. 
Still, your whole body, even in the simplest and easiest of these inversions, is getting an internal workout.. And in movement, your whole body works in a concert of mobility, balance and stability, especially when it looks effortless. 

With the hammock holding you, you can release into your weight, but this is done very specifically in some muscles & structures, while at the same time having to stabilize and strengthen others. The contrast between simultaneously releasing and engaging is enhanced especially when we are suspended.

Some poses allow for more release, and others need an almost a fully engaged body, but both elements are always present, and both elements work us in their own way.